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I’ve spent my career developing tools to engage culture, create and develop brands, and tell stories across media and industry. As a Creative and Executive Producer, imagining ‘what to make’ and facilitating ‘how to make’ go hand in hand in the creative process. I thrive on finding tangible solutions for the seemingly impossible, and employing technology as ‘invisible magic’ behind creating media and experiences that educate, inspire, and delight. 


Creating with both artists, institutions, and brands has provided me with deep insight to see projects from every stakeholder POV. I find great joy in developing and bringing ideas to fruition and the art of collaboration—creating projects of magnitude requires great communication, insight, and candor. I have a knack for assembling A-teams across genres, developing unexpected cross-cultural collaborations, and thrive on inspiring and finding new inspiration.  

Project Recognition: Cannes Golden Lions, TED Conference Ads Worth Spreading, MTV VMA's Moon Men, Webby Awards, D&AD Golden Pencil, One Show,  AICP Next, MoMA Permanent Archives, Emmy Awards Technology Judge, AICP Judge.

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